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This is Jingle Bells. He is a Shetland pony/miniature horse mix. He can accommodate children up 60 lbs. Soon he may be available for buggy rides.

Here is Pirate, he is able to take riders up to 120lbs. He loves people and loves children. Pirate is the newest addition to the Pony Partners family. He is slightly larger then Jingle Bells but just as adorable.

This is Velvet. She is an American Quarter Horse. Velvet is a companion to all of the Pony Partners team. Previously she has done pony parties, but she has now retired.

This is a photo of Velvet hanging out in our pasture.

Brody is always willing to pose for a photo. Brody is another American Quarter Horse. He is very busy learning his manners so he can come have fun at parties as well.

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